Nicotine Vape E-Juice E-Liquid in Australia (As of January 2021)

Nicotine Vape E-Juice E-Liquid in Australia (As of January 2021)
Nicotine Vape E-Juice E-Liquid in Australia (As of January 2021)

Updated as at 21 December 2020

Currently, vapers are able to use the TGA's "personal importation scheme" to import e-cigarettes under very limited circumstances. The government has abandoned their proposed nicotine import ban back in June 2020, and implementing a "prescription based vaping", a system whereby vapers will need to obtain a prescription from registered Australian Health Practitioners prior to place an order to buy nicotine vape products online / overseas as at October 2021. As of now, you are still able to purchase nicotine vape e-juice / e-liquid until the new law until June 2021.
This changes would make buying and selling the prescription products legal.
It would also become illegal to import vaping products purchased from overseas internet sites without a valid prescription. Any imported vaping products after June 2021 intercepted by the Australian Border Force could be impounded.
Under the interim decision, the Poisons Standard would be amended to re-classify nicotine for human use as a prescription-only medication, rather than a dangerous poison.

(Here's the official government announcement - see link

Some might say we have won half the battle (Well, some would say we have lost the battle instead), but we do think that the war is still on and we still have a slight chance of getting this law reversed and making nicotine sales legal in Australian vape stores. *cross fingers*

What can you do?

Get you family & friends to sign the Legalise Vaping Petition – see link

Email your opposition to the Governor General –

You may heard that you can't buy nicotine vape juice in Australia for your private use? It's not true!

You CAN buy e-liquid containing nicotine if you live in Australia, you just have to order them from outside Australia (overseas) and order a 3-month or less supply for personal use. However, nicotine liquid (pure) are bound by TGA laws which in most states requires a valid prescriptions from Australian medical practitioners.


Based on the current law regarding Nicotine e liquid or Nicotine vape juice in Australia means we are not able to manufacture/sell our nicotine products within Australian soils (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, South Australia, etc). Hence, all our pre-mixed nicotine products for sale are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and shipped worldwide with standard express international air mail.

We truly understand your frustration and thousand of others has expressed it at

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