Nose Heat Salt Liquid


The first ever SaltNic E-Liquid brand which born in Malaysia when the open pod system (refillable) come into the pod vape market.

A brand which full of passion and dedicated high quality raw ingredients and high grade salt nicotine to produce single flavor.

We produced cost effective 60 millilitres for our first launching product with 20 milligram, 35 milligram & 50 milligram strength to suit all kind of vaper.

With 50 VG / 50 PG ratio to fulfil all kind of pod system devices.

Nose Heat SaltNic E-Liquid is beyond than a vape liquid, it’s all about care & love.

We educate, consult and share all pros & cons about salt nicotine for the general public to make sure they understand well before using this product.

Since many people did not know that salt nicotine have varying type, specification and strength - rest assured that Nose Heat Salt Liquid products are safe and has been declared as NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) vape product by our existing customer who successfully quit smoking after use of this product.

To know more about NRT, please visit this link :

Our mission is to help smokers & "half vapers" to quit smoking by using our product with proper low wattage mouth-to-lung pod system device.

Half vapers = A group of vapers who still smoking even using vape product

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