2. New to Vape? README

If you’re new to vaping or you’re considering switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes (vaping), this page should serve as a brief guide to help you understand what vaping is all about and highlight the benefits of making the switch. 


In a recent report by the PHE (Public Health England), it was stated that vaping is “around 95% less harmful to health than smoking... ”. More thorough research has been done by Dr Tim Stockwell [Clearing the Air: A systematic review
on the harms and benefits of e-cigarettes and vapour devices]. As vaping is relatively new technology and there are lack of long-term studies, it will take some time before its long-term effects on health can be examined. 

Most medical and scientific experts who’ve studied vaping are of the opinion that it’s much less harmful than smoking. However, we don’t advice anyone who isn’t already a smoker to take up vaping. When long-term studies are published, we’re confident that they’ll back up what so many of us are certain of – that vaping is very safe.

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