7. Store Re-Opens May 2018


1/5/18 - Due to unforeseen circumstances, Vape Perth will be shutting down all operations based in Perth City, WA on 30th March 2018 (12:00am AWST). 

All orders has been fulfilled and shipped out. If you have any queries please email us at vapeperth@gmail.com or drop us a message.

Thank you for your support!

15/5/18 - DT VAPE hereby announces that its regional headquarters, DT Global Sdn Bhd (Malaysia), has acquired Vape Perth. (Australia), a Australia-based company. The Company will utilize the e-commerce platform to further enhance the Company’s digital capabilities. At the same time, it will fuse the Company’s innovation capabilities in order to offer new products and services, and deepen relationships with consumers. Vape Perth will then be based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and will become part of the Company’s e-commerce arm where it will also comply with Australian Law on Vaping products as well as nicotine liquids.

22/5/18 - Store re-opens. Pre-mixed nicotine liquids are now available in store. With Aramex as our logistic partners, your order should be well taken care of using Standard Express shipment (4 delivery days at a special low rate).
Ps: more products will be available soon!

17/8/18 - FedEx shipping option is now available. For an extra fee, get your order to arrive in just 2 business days! Rates shown at checkout are calculated on per weight basis, inclusive of live 24/7 tracking no. updates and insurance coverage for your parcel.

1/10/18 - We are now offering students to get 10% discount for students below the age of 24. Simply create a new account and tick "I am a student". Once verified, you will receive a confirmation email from us! 

10/2/19 - We are pleased to introduce our new courier partner, TNT Express with only 3 business days delivery at an economical rate. Get your order delivered in a timely manner and hassle-free with this new courier option, now available upon check out. 

26/6/18 - FedEx Economy shipping option is now available. For lower fee than its Express, get your order to arrive in just 4 business days! (More information available at Shipping Information page). Rates shown at checkout are calculated on per weight basis, inclusive of live 24/7 tracking no. updates and insurance coverage for your parcel.

01/10/19 - DT VAPE hereby announces that VRS Ventures has been authorized in managing all its online sales platform and including and not limited to Vape Perth Online Shop. The company will oversee all its operations and continuously improve the services rendered to meet growing consumer needs and demands in Australia.

07/12/19 - Perth Hookah Lounge, where our retail store partner Perth Vape Co. has been operated locally has been caught on fire. Please note that due to this unfortunate event, all orders are now being fully carried by our overseas warehouse located in Malaysia. All supporting documents requested by local authority at receiver end will be provided with utmost transparency.

10/03/20 - Due to current COVID 19 outbreak, all our courier partners are heavily impacted due to less to none passenger flights on daily basis. Therefore we would appreciate your understanding and patience on the matter. More information on this can be found here - https://vapeperth.com/pages/update-impact-of-the-cov-19-outbreak

12/10/20 - HTPC / High Throat-hit Pod Compatible premixed nicotine eliquids now availble at vapeperth.com. More information on HTPC available at https://vapeperth.com/pages/htpc-flavour 

26/10/20 - Following IATA 2020 updated regulations on prohibiting electronic cigarettes for Express shipments, we had to remove our express postage options until further notice. We truly apologize for any inconvenience caused by this changes.

06/01/23 - We are excited to announce that we have partnered up with DHL Express Worldwide to offer great shipping rates for your favorite Vape Juices, Pod Vapes and Disposable Vapes to all our Australian and Japanese customers. More info available at https://vapeperth.com/pages/dhl-shipping

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