HTPC Flavour

HTPC Nicotine E-liquid

HTPC stands for "High Throat-hit Pod Compatible". It is a latest category of nicotine e-liquid which is a "hybrid" version of traditional freebase nicotine. Most of flavors available in the market comes in PG50/50VG ratio so that pod users can enjoy freebase liquid with a lower strength of nicotine but still get the throat hit as if vaping to nicotine salts flavors.

As of now HTPC flavors' nicotine strengths for sale at Vape Perth range from:

  • 12mg
  • 15mg
  • 18mg
  • 20mg
  • 22mg

Although nicotine derivation are actually "freebase nicotine", you may use HTPC flavors with your Mod Devices Setup or even Pod Devices, however, there are recommended pod setup such as SMOK RPM series, etc to experience the true taste of HTPC flavors!

The launch of this new segment in e-liquid is to cater for vapers who are

  • Throat hit lovers
  • Pod users
  • MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) vapers who are still using tanks.
  • Pod users who are not a fan of salt nic...


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