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PG 50% VG 50%

👉🏻BREAKFAST CRUNCH 50ML A mix of pastry flavour slathered in peanut butter and whipped cream, this delicious brew is a full flavoured blend for the breakfast champion in you.

👉🏻CRUSTY LEMON 50ML Crusty lemon is the appetizing flavour of a zesty lemon tart, filled with lemon custard, topped with whipped meringue.

👉🏻INDIGO DREAM 50ML This is the most magical grape mix we have ever tasted. You will find a generous amount of grape juice in this with a mix of sweet berries and a slight hint of menthol. Its just like an "Indigo Dream".

👉🏻ORANGE MARMALADE 50ML A smooth mixture of fresh sweet orange and ice cream swirl, this blend is not unlike orange marmalades, a perfectly smooth and crisp blend of tangy delightto pamper your palates.

👉🏻RUBY SNOW 50ML A refreshing blend of sweet highland strawberries, menthol and a myriad of juicy tropical fruits, this flavour is inspired by the exotic Red Ruby dessert.

👉🏻SOUR POP 50ML This flavour is a mix of various sour fruits for that extra tangy, and tastes just like a "certain sour candy", with an added kick of menthol for those who are looking for a refreshing