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US FLAVOUR PG 30% VG 70% 👉🏻GREEN APPLE / GREEN APPLE ICE 60ML Our award-winning Skwezed Green Apple...



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PG 30% VG 70%

👉🏻GREEN APPLE / GREEN APPLE ICE 60ML Our award-winning Skwezed Green Apple is unlike any other apple out there. This juice is so close to the real thing, that you’ll swear you’ve just bitten into a fresh, crisp, Granny Smith Green Apple every time you take a pull.

👉🏻GRAPE FRUIT / GRAPE FRUIT ICE 60ML Ever wish you could find a way to enjoy the delicious sweetness of a grapefruit without any of the bitter aftertaste? So did we, which is exactly why we created this recipe. Our Skwezed Grapefruit delivers the perfect balance of sweet and tangy that you’d expect from a grapefruit without any of the bitterness.

👉🏻BANANA / BANANA ICE 60ML Please your taste buds with creamy sweetness of bananas found in this liquid. Let each and every puff melt on your tongue with heavenly feelings. Inhales and exhales are working with the same mechanism treating you to the best ever vaape sessions rich in smooth and soothing banana taste.

👉🏻PEACH / PEACH ICE 60ML Unlike other peach liquids that aim to mimic the flavor of peach candy, our Skwezed Peach is designed to taste exactly like an authentic, juicy, sweet, fuzzy peach that you just picked off a tree in the heart of Georgia. This refreshing liquid delivers the perfect amount of flavor and will have you licking your lips and coming back for more.

👉🏻STRAWBERRY / STRAWBERRY ICE 60ML As you inhale Strawberry, the taste of freshly picked sweet strawberries dances across your taste buds leaving you in cloud nine. The strawberry taste is so authentic that you will be checking the bottle to make sure there are no strawberries in there. On the exhale goose bump inducing menthol washes across your taste buds mixing perfectly with the sweet strawberry flavor.

👉🏻LYCHEE / LYCHEE ICE 60ML What exactly is lychee? This sub-tropical fruit that is incredibly sweet with a very unique taste is unlike anything else you’ve ever had. While it isn’t easy to describe the flavor of lychee to those who have never tried it, everyone who has tried Skwezed Lychee has been pleasantly surprised. We could probably write a novel trying to explain what this liquid tastes like, but you’d be better off just grabbing a bottle for yourself and giving it a try.

👉🏻MANGO / MANGO ICE 60ML If you are one of the countless people who have scoured the earth in search of a mango-flavored liquid that actually tastes like a real mango, we have good news for you; your search is officially over. Skwezed Mango is an liquid that mimics the realistic taste of a fresh, juicy, delectable mango so perfectly, with every mouthful you’ll feel like you’re soaking up the sun on your own private tropical beach.

👉🏻WATERMELON / WATERMELON ICE 60ML Watermelons always help you beat the heat in the Summer. They are delicious and juicy. Their sugary taste always puts us in a good mood. What's even better is when you can enjoy their fantastic taste without dealing with the hassle of cutting them and spewing out the seeds.

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