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vapeTASIA BLACKBERRY LEMONADE 30ML Blackberry Lemonade by Vapetasia Vape is a premium vape blend, capturing the delicate essence of ripened blackberries swimming in a deluge of refreshing lemonade to snag the attention of the taste buds.

VapeTASIA vape PINK LEMONADE 30ML Pink Lemonade by Vapetasia Vape is a snazzy mixture of tangy lemonade carefully blended with premium Vape to create a deliciously mouth-puckering juice concoction.

VapeTASIA vape KILLER KUSTARD 30ML It’s a killer custard! If you like custards or vanilla blends then this flavor will blow your mind!

VapeTASIA vape KILLER KUSTARD BLUEBERRY 30ML Killer Kustard Blueberry by Vapetasia Vape is a vape infusion, incorporatingvape KILLER KUSTARD HONEYDEW 30ML This mouth-watering treat has our signature Killer Kustard flavor with just the perfect amount of honeydew sweetness. The light honeydew scent will instantly tantalize your senses and refresh your taste buds at every exhale.

VapeTASIA vape KILLER KUSTARD LEMON 30ML A sweet lemon and creamy Vape that both your sweet tooth and palate will be more than pleased.

VapeTASIA vape KILLER KUSTARD STRAWBERRY 30ML They have united to bring together the flavors of rich vanilla custard and a sweet kick of juicy strawberries.

VapeTASIA vape MILK OF THE POPPY 30ML When we set out to make a strawberries and cream flavor we knew we had to make it perfect! Milk of the Poppy is a velvety and luscious combination of rich cream and ripe strawberries; it dances off the tongue on inhale with the perfect amount of strawberries, and when you thought it couldn’t get any better it exhales as smooth and creamy as the complex vaape that you’ve come to expect from Vapetasia liquids.

VapeTASIA vape PINEAPPLE EXPRESS 30ML A relaxing trip that tastes like juicy pineapples whipped into Vapetasia’s creaminess in a vape.

VapeTASIA vape RAINBOW ROAD 30ML Rainbow Road mixes the signature creamy clouds, that is expected from Vapetasia’s gourmet liquids flavors, with the fruity blend of sweet berries and tangy citrus. With the similar taste to the multi-colored, ring-shaped, sweetened fruit breakfast cereal in vapoor form, this juice is sure to become an instant favorite.

VapeTASIA vape ROYALTY ll 30ML Royalty II juice by Vapetasia lets you puff on the strong flavor of rich tobaco swirled throughout a freshly whipped custard, blended with pure vanilla bean, and sprinkled with crunchy walnuts for a tobaco-dessert flavor that will have your vape taste buds clamoring for more!