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BUBBLEGUM - Mix Grape / Watermelon - 60ml

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The gum is one most of us know and enjoy. It is a staple of most of our youths. We are proud to bring you this new BUBBLEGUM e-juice.


There are two parts to this delicious gum e-juice:

  1. The fruity side which is made with a combination of the grape or watermelon juice, sweetener and vanilla swirl.
  2. The gum side which is made with the bubble gum, marshmallow, as well as sweetener and vanilla swirl.

This is the only gum e-juice, period. The rest are not the same as that artificial fruit flavor that we love from the fruit gum. Mixing this and bubble gum just give off two notes that don't work as a finished recipe. Over 4% and it was all fruit, under 3% and bubblegum took over in testing. This range gives it that pop at first of grape or watermelon but then lets it slide into the middle just like actual gum would.


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