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La Cream (La Fruitte Series) - 4 Delicious Fruity Flavors - 60ml

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La Cream (La Fruitte Series)

Hawaiian Punch  •  Fantastic Mango  •  Tropical Jade  •  Apple Whip

A Fruity with True Throat Hit and NO MINT!

Mixing Ratio: VG60/40PG
Strength Level: 6mg
Bottle Size: 60mL

Hawaiian Punch
Sweet refreshing blend of guava, orange and passion fruit, sweet and tangy on the inhale. Strong finish of guava on the exhale!

 •  Pink Guava  •  Pomegranate  •  Orange  •

Fantastic Mango
Strong ripened mango, combined with a twist of yoghurt and sweet juicy peach. Would be the ADV for mango lovers!

 •  Mango  •  Peach  •  Yogurt  •

Tropical Jade
This is the famous US favourite flavor "Jade Tiger" with a twist! Strawberries, pineapple slices, juicy watermelon and coconut finish.

 •  Pineapple  •  Strawberry  •  Coconut  •

Apple Whip
Red and green Apple with just a little hint of guava and a strong note of kiwi. Definitely refreshing and lovely.

 •  Apple  •  Guava  •  Kiwi  •


Each flavor is sold separately, which comes in a 60 ml chubby gorilla bottle and box packaging.

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