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Mystery E-Juice - Random Flavors (Freebase) 60ml

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$5 for 60ml, that's a good deal aye!!

Ever wanted to visit paradise but were afraid to take the plunge? The Mystery E-Juice Deal is for you! It brings the flavor of the best selling e-juice right to your front door with random flavor in the line available now in 60ml size! Better yet, it will cost you close to nothing! :)

Take a pull, close your eyes and be transported to your taste buds desire by surprise!

Now you can have various nicotine strength to try out awesome freebase flavors at your fingertips!  So g u just want to vape 'em all day!

Each quantity comes with random available flavors sold at in 60ml Unicorn Bottle

Due to overwhelming response, you may now purchase 3 bottles, 5 bottles or 10 bottles and save more!

  • Pack 1: 3 x 60ml E-juice Flavors = Total of 180ml
  • Pack 2: 5 x 60ml E-juice Flavors = Total of 300ml
  • Pack 3: 10 x 60ml E-juice Flavors = Total of 600ml