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RELX Infinity & RELX PRO Pod Flavors

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"Relx Infinity, Smooth as a Breeze!"

1 Device + 1 Type-C Cable + 1 User Manual
Compatible Pod: RELX Pod Pro

When you start vaping, you’ll need a combination of vaping devices. What should you look for in a vape bundle if you’ve just chosen to vape instead of smoking?
1) Efficiency: You want a vape pen you can use any time without worrying whether it has enough power for a good session. Look for vape pens that charge up quickly and use their battery life efficiently.
2) Smooth inhalation: Advanced vape pens can produce a fine mist that infuses you with flavor without irritation. Find a kit that produces smooth and rich vapors.
3) Stylish: A vape pen is an accessory, so it should reflect your personality and sense of style. A lot of vape devices are clunky and unappealing, so find one that’s as elegant as a high-quality smartphone.
4) Range: Vaping fluids come in a range of flavors, some classic and some novel. To get the best beginner experience, purchase a beginner bundle that lets you choose your favorite flavor or one that you want to try out.

RELX’s products are a good way for new vapers to savor new flavors and start vaping the right way.


    Please read the manual carefully before using the product and follow instructions on its packaging.

    Buy RELX Infinity Accessories here:
    • RELX Case

    NOTE: This is device only product, it does not includes flavor pods (add flavor pod "Relx Pro Pod", separately).

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