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RELXPods 3-packed Pods for Relx Classic (First Gen Relx)

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RELXPods 3-packed Pods for Relx Classic (First Gen Relx)

RELXPods: The Perfect Pod Vapes to Savor Your Favorite Flavor
Vapor pods, or e-liquid pods, are the fuel for a vape pen. Each pod contains a mixture of ncotine concentrate, flavoring, and other ingredients that elevates the vaping experience. A vape pen turns this cocktail into vapor by atomizing it through its heating coil. Without a vape pod, an electric cigarette is just a piece of hardware.

RELXPods transform regular pods into flavor sensations unlike any other pod vapes for sale. Here’s how our pods elevate the vaping experience at any time of the day.

Package Content:

3 x 2mL RELX vape pods

About the package: You may receive a different version of packaging (Chinese/English) of Relx. But we guarantee that they are all genuine, please scans the security code to identify authenticity. Both Chinese and English packaging products are from Relx, and the quality and flavour are exactly the same. Chinese packaging is exclusively for the Asian market, but when the stock of English packaging is insufficient, we may send you Chinese packaging products.


3-5% Strength
>Capacity Equivalent: 3 Packs of Cigarettes
For RELX Classic
Pod E-liquid Capacity: 2 ml
Pod Longevity: 650 Puffs
Pods Pack: 3 Pods a Pack
RELX pod Ingredient: PG, VG, Flavourings, and Ncotine Salt


Truly Flavorful – Variety of special and new flavours to choose from.
High-quality salts – Efficient delivery and satisfying cravings.
Leak-proof Design – No unpleasant surprises with double-sealed pods.
Cgarette-like Experience – Draw resistance 95% similar to that of a real cgarette.
Efficient Working Method – Each Relx pod is firmly connected to the device through a magnetic connection. When inserted directly into the Relx vape, the control sensitivity of the pressure-sensitive system is 0.001 atm. The shape of the dripper is duck-shaped, making it more comfortable for the vaper to use.


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