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Ruthless - Swamp Thang (Green Apple Candy) - 60ml

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Ruthless - Swamp Thang

There are thousands of different vape juice brands that are based out of California. The vape movement really blew up here and as a result we constantly discovering new premium e juice companies. One of the brands is Ruthless!

They are an extremely popular company, and if you're fluent on US juices then you have probably heard of them.

One of their premier e cig juices is called Swamp Thang. It is a pretty stellar e liquid and we are stoked to carry it at It tastes like a delicious green apple hard candy. Upon inhale you will taste the sweet green apple flavoring, followed by the sugar notes in the exhale that give it a hard candy signature.

Swamp Thang by Ruthless has a great throat hit. It is a little sharp, but still smooth. It is an overall enjoyable hit that is pleasant on the throat. It was created with a max VG, VG/PG ratio of 85%/15%. This means Swamp Thang emits some serious flavor as well as decent cloud production. It also means that this vape juice is great for dripping on an RDA or filling in a tank.

Ruthless did a pretty awesome job packaging this e cig juice as well. It comes in a black box with a giant cobra head on it. Ruthless has continued to impress us with their creativity, the cobra’s head extends off the edge of the box which looks pretty cool. On the box sits the brand name and flavor name written in dark green accents.

Overall We recommend anything by Ruthless, however one of our favorites is by far Swamp Thang.

 Flavor Profile: Green Apple Hard Candy
VG/PG: 85/15
Size: 60ML