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SPEARMINT - Bubblegum - 60ml

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For vapers looking for that minty fresh taste - spearmint bubblegum.

SPEARMINT - Bubblegum - 60ml

Breath mints have met their match. Spearmint — a refreshing new e-liquid twist on an old favorite — fills your mouth with incredibly crisp, clean flavor. Designed to be vaped all day long, this deliciously pure blend offers the perfect balance of sweetness and flavor intensity.

Imagine chewing on perfect mint gum that's always as good as the first burst of flavor - some say it's Nirvana, others say it's the way life should be. All we know is these folks here have made what was once considered fiction a reality!

You know what the first chew of some great spearmint gum tastes like? This is it to a T! This ain't an off the shelf menthol or gum flavor. The producer have perfectly replicated the experience of chewing some delicious gum.

We think that every vaper needs this flavor in their kit at all times! Plus, it makes a great base to blend with - e.g. you can mix this with any fruity flavors and it will taste great!


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