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(BUNDLE OFFER) Vintage Tea Bundle Box - 4x60ml for $70

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Vintage is a Malaysian based E-Liquid that specializes in tea-based flavors. Its range of different fruits blend with high quality ingredients produces a smooth vaping sensation unlike other tea flavors.

Vintage Tea Bundle Box comes with 4 x 60ml fruity beverage flavors:

  1. Vintage Matcha : Sweet and flavorful, the Matcha comprises of green tea extract followed by hints of sweet tea. Think premium refreshing lychee flavored tea, that is what you can expect from this flavor
  2. Vintage Apple Tea : An extract base of sweet and refreshing green apples
    combined with hints of jasmine tea. For the vapers who enjoy a more fruity flavor as oppose to creamy. Apple tea provides a fruity apple flavor in combination with an aromatic hint of tea.
  3. Vintage Gold Tea : A pure and clean Earl Grey based flavor that’s refreshing and sweet for that everyday vape. Gold tea provides an aromatic classic black tea (not creamy nor cold).
  4. Vintage Grape Tea : A fruity Grape combined with a deliciously aromatic black tea.

60ml per bottle, total of 4 flavors.