Ygtz - Pineapple & Orange Yogurt 60ml

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YGTZ is here!!! Don't be shy to try them. Yummy with Pineapple & Orange Yogurt vapes. Oohhh... You'll love it!!

Ygtz - Pineapple & Orange Yogurt 60ml

We have SOMETHING to say, your little VAPE CRAVE who deserve super vapes! It is for this reason WE CREATE YUMMY. Wholesome vape made with only the HIGHEST QUALITY organic flavoring and ingredients selected from the USA and UK for BEST QUALITY. Yep... that's it... nothing else!


Our goal is to help you train your little vape palate to crave flavors rich in taste and awesomeness for a lifelong habit of SMOKE FREE LIFESTYLE. Boy has vaping come along way!

 Mixing Ratio: VG70/30PG
 Size: 60mL

Profile: A flavor as bright as the sunshine state. We combined real oranges, pineapples and tangerines flavors for a light, refreshing yogurt packed way to beat the heat.

Best enjoyed cold!